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Our Team

Steve Laub | Principal and Owner
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Steve Laub is President and Owner of Land Solutions, Inc. Mr. Laub has more than 28 years of extensive experience in land planning and project management.

Mr. Laub served as Project Manager for one of San Diego's largest master planned community developers, Home Capital Corporation, where he managed consultants in the preparation and implementation of specific plans, including the preparation and approval of subdivision maps, use permits, site plans, and all other development project approvals. He negotiated and implemented agreements with federal, state, and local agencies and utilities to expedite and complete development. He represented the company as spokesman at Planning Commission, City Council, and Board of Supervisors hearings and community presentations.

Mr. Laub has obtained government approval of tentative subdivision maps totaling over 1800 single-family residential units, over 1000 multi-family residential units, and 100 acres of commercial and industrial development. He has obtained approval of grading permits totaling over two million cubic yards of grading, negotiated sales of two school sites totaling $40 million, oversaw the company’s responsibility to design and construct 3.5 miles of two State highways. He was a member of a County-wide task force which prepared a plan to allow development and public works projects after an endangered species listing by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Steve Laub has also managed the land planning, permit processing, and government relations for more than 600 telecommunications sites throughout Southern California and Central Pennsylvania. He has negotiated with several cities to amend their zoning ordinances to comply with Federal telecommunications law, responding to community concerns while preserving the client’s ability to meet their system requirements.

Mr. Laub also has extensive experience in government and community relations. As former president of a local community planning board he has developed contacts at the community level and at the City Council level, and has been appointed to several city-wide planning task forces. His experience provides a balanced approach to land use that combines knowledge of the technical and legal aspects of land planning, an understanding of the concerns of the local community, and the ability to effectuate solutions at both the community and policy levels of government. Steve Laub brings straight-to-the-point and expeditious solutions to every project.

David Parsons | Senior Associate
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David Parsons is a Senior Associate with Land Solutions, Inc. He has more than seven years experience in land planning and project management, providing detailed entitlement and site feasibility analyses for both commercial and residential projects, managing the entitlement application and processing of projects, and preparing regional economic and demographic analyses for a variety of markets.

Mr. Parsons has extensive experience both as a private consultant and as an agency planner for the cities of Imperial Beach & National City. His public project experience includes entitlements for a major hotel development and mid-and high-rise residential projects, intergovernmental liaison with the San Diego Unified Port District, California Coastal Commission, California Department of Transportation and San Diego Gas & Electric. He has also overseen leasing and property management of the National City real estate portfolio.

As an analyst with a major redevelopment consulting firm in southern California, Mr. Parsons has managed development proposals for several commercial and residential projects, including project management, plan adoption and amendments, and housing and implementation plans. David Parsons holds a Masters degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in City Planning, a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate and an Associates degree in Construction Technology.

Mr. Parsons’ professional activities and affiliations include membership in the City of San Diego’s Crossroads Redevelopment Project Area Committee, College Area Planning Group, College Redevelopment Project Area Committee and SDSU’s Redevelopment Project Advisory Group.

Sandy Kairy | Senior Assistant
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Sandy Kairy is a Senior Assistant for Land Solutions, Inc., having joined the firm in early 2008. Ms. Kairy provides research, administrative, and communications expertise, including expert quality control on outgoing documents. She oversees LSI’s accounting activities and prepares documents and reports for clients and project applications.

Before joining LSI, Ms. Kairy worked nine years in the claims adjusting industry, including five years as a court representative for her clients, where she developed her skills of research, analysis, and public presentation.

Sandy Kairy has a Bachelors degree in journalism with an emphasis in News Editorial.